Fixing for the Fun of It

Long Island smOne of the things that make FixYa unique among other crowd-sourcing sites is the fact that our Experts can earn money for their solutions. Yet some Experts are not motivated by monetary rewards. They choose to share their knowledge and expertise without seeking financial gain, answering the unpaid questions and helping people free of charge. Bob from LI is one such Expert, focusing almost exclusively on the free questions. He’s been around for just over a year and has helped 822 people repair their appliances, large and small. As he puts it, “I tear into anything that breaks, just for the fun of it.”

Bob is from Long Island, and learned the appliance trade from his father. His dad was extremely knowledgeable when it came to appliance repairs, teaching it in New York City schools and writing statewide examination questions on the subject. His father taught him how to repair refrigerators and other large appliances, and Bob made money repairing small appliances throughout college.

Bob has also always had an interest in cars. Since he had no money to pay other people to repair his vehicle, he taught himself by trial and error. He actually found FixYa while searching the internet for a diagram on automotive wiring. He’d like to see the site add more wiring diagrams for products like refrigerators, stoves, and cars. Ideally in time to help him with the Cobra he’s building from a kit!


  1. Tomas Wise says:

    Wow! You really covered this topic well. Are there other resources that I should check out?

  2. Columbus Wedding Photographers says:

    Thanks for another great post! Been reading you for awhile and you always come up with quality stuff!