FixYa’s 10K Club is Growing!

Medal sm2011 has been a huge year for FixYa’s Experts and thirteen new Experts have crossed the 10K solution mark. Ten-thousand is a big number for any form of contribution to a site. When you consider that each solution represents a person that our 10K Experts have helped to solve a problem, the contribution is staggering. FixYa is so proud of the amazing Experts who have reached this milestone, and we want to let everyone know who they are:

alicantecoli – 15,049 solutions
alicantecoli has been an Expert since November ’08 and is a talented mechanic with fully 40 years experience
budmrtn – 10,320 solutions
budmrtn has been providing TV support on FixYa since October ’09 and has 30 years in repair in design
geekman – 16,269 solutions
geekman has been helping here since June ’07 and is a semi-retired computer guru who also provide cell phone support
justaskjoe – 10,627
justaskjoe has apprenticeships in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and woodworking and has been a FixYa Expert since January ‘09
k_akima – 15,782
k_akima has been around since December ’09, was one of the fastest Experts to cross the 10K mark, and is already more than halfway to 20K

MNfisherman – 11,668
MNfisherman has been providing support on FixYa since January ’09 and has an incredible 50 Brand Expertise Badges
mobil master – 10,548
mobil master has a diploma in mobile electronics and has been sharing that knowledge on FixYa since August ‘09
muntejaya – 10,177
muntejaya is a consumer electronics technician on FixYa since April ‘09 with an amazing 51 Brand Expertise Badges
Silverdragon – 11,066
Silverdragon hails from New Zealand and has been an Expert since July ’07. He has an electronics and computer repair lab and tons of hands-on experience
small6363 – 10,230
small6363 has been on FixYa since November ’09. He has a wide range of expertise in everything from computers to watches.
typrice – 10,740
typrice has been helping on FixYa since May ’09 and is laser-focused on providing camera help with only one non-camera solution.
welcomejee – 10,260
welcomejee has been a high-profile Expert on FixYa since May ’08. He has 16 years of experience in TV, audio, camera, and camcorder repair.
ZJLimited – 10,822
ZJLimited is a self-taught mechanic who has been sharing the knowledge he’s acquired fixing his own cars with FixYa’s users since July ‘08

Thank you to all our outstanding 10K Experts. It’s because of you that FixYa is able to provide support to so many people, and we’re proud to have you on our team!


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  2. emissionwiz says:

    All the 10K plus experts should band together and ask for a bigger piece of the preminum dollar pie, you all worjked hard and deserve it.

  3. ashlocked says:

    Great experts to be followed.

    Congratulation guys..