FixYa’s Sleuth Crosses the Big 10K!

EkseWhen FixYa started profiling our best and brightest a little over a year ago, Ekse was the first Expert that we chose to feature.

Affectionately nicknamed “The FixYa Sleuth” by staff members, due to his uncanny insight, Ekse has been an invaluable member of FixYa’s site and community for the better part of two years now. It has been our pleasure to watch this Expert grow from a young man into the seasoned tech he is today. It has been an even bigger pleasure to watch him cross the 10,000 solution mark and take his place with the giants.

When asked about his great development, Ekse credits being able to practice his skills frequently by assisting users and customers, saying “10,000 solutions… I think anyone would learn a lot from doing it.” But the true credit goes to someone closer to home. As he puts it, “I really have my father to thank for getting me started. I first soldered with my father’s help before I even started school.”

Speaking of school, Ekse has actually helped all those thousands of people in between classes and studying, as he finishes his Information Technology degree. And then there’s his job! Considering how much he has going on in his own life, the fact that Ekse still finds the time to help so many people out with theirs speaks volumes about his character. As do his testimonials and Chat Reviews, where customers sing praises like “Ekse is the best I have ever worked with” and “this person was absolutely brilliant and so polite! Worth his weight in gold.”

As Ekse crosses this milestone he takes his rightful place among an elite group of Experts who prove that you can make an enormous impact upon the lives of thousands of people, just by taking the time to share your knowledge, growing your own abilities, and having a focus on quality and service. Thank you, Ekse! Ten thousand times thank you!


  1. Zlobomir says:

    Really impressive, let us have more and more such users, I personally secretly dream of reaching such a milestone, oh well, to pass it, since the competition is making us better. I have some prerequisites I believe – my father was a wonderful man, he taught me many things not only before school, but better and more things than in school, I believe. And I am also finishing my IT degree… But enough about me and my ego :) This is about you, Ekse, I was trying to congratulate you, and it is not easy to find the right words, having in mind what you have done for this site and the community here. And the fact that you still find the time to be here and to help, shows that you can reach the sky without leaving the people alone on the Earth. :) Thank you for being such a good and positive example. The only thing I regret is that I have not been here to see you progress.

  2. Ekse says:

    Thanks for the comment Zlobomir, I really appreciate it, its definitely not something I hear every day so thank you. Hope you hang around and maybe someday you will have your own 10 000 post on the blog as well :)

  3. Ginko says:

    Congratulations Ekse.

  4. Eagle338 says:

    Congrats man! 500 solutions a month is really crackalacking!