Get To Know An Expert: Bill Boyd

“Get To Know An Expert” will be regular feature on the FixYa blog where we profile some of the up and coming stars in the FixYa Expert community. Today we profile Cars & Trucks devotee Bill Boyd. His FixYa profile can be found by clicking here.

Bill Boyd is one of the hottest new Cars & Trucks Experts on FixYa today. During his time on FixYa, Bill has solved over 500 cars and trucks questions and earned the Greenhorn, Cheetah, Scholar, and Problem Solver achievements.

Bill was nice enough to sit down with us for a Q&A session where he answered questions about his background, experience, and the best way for askers to get a detailed solution to their problem.


What is your favorite part of being a FixYa Expert?

Trying to advise a product solution to a problem on a vehicle that is not identified properly. I like the challenge to get it right [the first time].

What is your favorite FixYa category to solve questions for?

Vehicles, trucks, cars, and anything else that is mechanical.

What do you do for a living and what are your hobbies?

I am trained as a mechanical transport fitter. This includes machining, welding, fabricating, and all aspects of vehicle repair (especially the principles of how things work). In the past I have worked on European, American, Japanese trucks in the engineering department as well as repair facilities. I have also worked with many makes of cars and other mechanical items.

I work for the largest rail transport logistic company in Australia. My hobby is making mechanical items and trying to repair that which is said to be unrepairable. I love the challenge.

When a user asks a question, what specific details make it easier for you to answer?

To get a close as possible solution, the asker should provide as much information as possible about the vehicle. This includes where it is located, the mileage on the car, whether it is front wheel or conventional drive, whether it is Efi or Carby.

The asker requesting the info for a solution needs to understand that I am 15.000 miles away and have never heard of what vehicle they may be describing. The person requesting a solution should say exactly what they have done before and after the problem began. This really helps to pinpoint where the fault may lay and help them get a solution.


Thanks again to Bill for sharing his thoughts with us and providing so many great solutions to the FixYa’s community!


  1. Jose Figueroa says:

    This interview speaks about the spirit of an Expert, and the mission of FixYa Site.
    ZJ Limited.

  2. joecoolvette says:

    What an excellent person to have on FixYa!
    Congratulations are in order!

    (Bring something to drink, as it’s a pot luck dinner, lol! Dress casually)