Kudos and Karma!

10000 Solutions smCongratulations to Ginko, FixYa’s first-ever Expert to post 10,000 solutions! Ginko has helped an average of 23 people a day, every day, for the past 14 months. And his are no run-of-the-mill solutions- Ginko isn’t just one of FixYa’s most prolific Experts, he has also consistently been one of the very best. He’s been a blessing, both for the people he has helped as well as for FixYa’s staff, who know that they can depend on him to always provide top-notch assistance to our customers and users.

Ginko brought a wide range of skills to FixYa and has also learned some new ones while working on the site, comparing his time here to a year of college courses. He now specializes in a wide assortment of products, from computers to cars to coffeemakers. He takes pride in all of his many successful resolutions and finds it hard to pick a favorite solution or customer.

In his time here, Ginko has become one of FixYa’s most prominent personalities. He has been a voice of reason and a champion of those who might have otherwise been overlooked or mistreated. He hasn’t been afraid to speak out against the crowd or stick out his neck for the sake of someone else, something that is both admired and appreciated.

As our most experienced Expert, Ginko’s advice to other Experts should carry great weight. He points out the importance of sticking to areas where you can really help. But as someone who has expanded his own Areas of Expertise while on FixYa, he understands that Experts can also use this forum as an opportunity to branch out to new fields. He advises any Expert working in a new field to carefully verify any advice they give. He also cautions against blindly trusting information found online, unless it is from the manufacturer’s site or reported by several reliable sources.

Ginko says that he has reduced the amount of time he spends on his many other activities, and admits to probably spending too much time on FixYa. FixYa begs to differ. With great power comes great responsibility, and while Ginko’s friends and family surely miss him, there’s a world full of people who desperately need his help!

On behalf of FixYa, its staff, users, and community- Thank you, Ginko.


  1. Yaniv says:

    Keep up the great work Ginko.

  2. Ginko says:

    You are welcome!

  3. Rulds2008 says:

    Good work Ginko keep setting the standard! With respect I solute you!

  4. masteria says:

    good work Ginko…All the best

  5. mohammed says:

    u are great gingo all the best god bless u