Problems solved… FAST!

emissionwiz vetteOne of FixYa’s top Experts recently crossed a couple of major milestones- June marked the end of emissionwiz’s monumental first year at FixYa. Then, in mid-July, emissionwiz became the second Expert ever to post a mind-blowing 10,000 solutions. That’s an average of around 25 solutions a day, every single day, for over a year. He has earned more Brand Badges than any other Expert, with expertise in 35 different brands. emissionwiz has also assisted well over 300 customers in Live Chats, which represents a huge amount of time devoted to assisting people in need.

It’s not just emissionwiz’s commitment to helping people that makes him special. He’s also a veteran, a world traveler, family man, devoted husband, and also drives a super sweet Corvette. emissionwiz is a graduate of an Air Force electro/mechanical tech school, and has earned his expertise through years of training and hands-on experience. His skill and background really shines when assisting the less technically-inclined, and a customer that he recently Chatted with wrote “emissionwiz was very helpful. He expressed passion and confidence with his suggestions as to how to fix my slow starting engine and what products to use to do so. Much thanks for his guidance and support.”

We also just happen to know that a reporter for The Associated Press once privately referred to him as “a wonderful man”, and we couldn’t agree more. On behalf of FixYa and its millions of users, many of whom you’ve personally helped, thank you emissionwiz!


  1. Rulds2008 says:

    WoW! It looks like you have came a long way into people’s lives! congrats on your recent Blog! I am sure it was well deserved, What a honor and respect I have for you!


  2. Kimbo too says:

    This is just amazing, with all of these experts here, I’ll be toodling off to find someone else to help. Once again, very good work.