The Mechanic who Fell to Earth

ewebber pic x smThe US Marine Corps operate in the land, air, and sea, helping people around the world. Former US Marine and FixYa Expert, ewebber253’s remarkable life is a reflection of this, often quite literally.

Born at 20,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean during a flight from Scotland to Boston, ewebber253 entered life at the top of the world. On his 17th birthday ewebber253 joined the Marines, starting his career serving people as soon as he possibly could. In the Marines, his occupational specialty was Motor Mechanics, and he was a 3065 Motor Transport Operator. He served for almost a decade, leaving the Corps in 1981 as a Staff Sergeant.

Following that automotive path he started in the Marines, ewebber253 continued to be involved with motor mechanics through 2009. Today, he raises automotives to an art form. Under the name “Webber Classic Cars”, ewebber25 takes distinctive older cars, fixes, restores, and returns them to the road.Boxter x smWhen it comes to his own ride, ewebber253 favors the modern- his 1998 yellow Porshe Boxter with black leather interior and a Tiptronic gearbox. He quips, “I see the ad on TV where all the people get out of their cars and swap at the light… I’d lock the doors. I love my Boxster.”

When he’s not working or solving problems on FixYa, ewebber253 spends time with his wife, Lynn (who wouldn’t part with her silver 2002 Eclipse for the world) with whom he has 8 kids and 4 grandkids. He also plays guitar on his Les Paul Custom, Sack Wylde edition. Most interestingly, ewebber253 is diving into the world of academe. He is a senior at Troy University and is getting his Degree in Maritime History/Archaeology. He has a 3.5 GPA and is a member of 3 national Honor Societies.

On FixYa, ewebber253 is a Guru with an outstanding 93.3% average. Even more impressive is his Testimonial rate, which is almost 10%. Those of us follow Testimonial counts know that this is truly an impressive statistic. Asked about his contributions here, ewebber253 graciously states “It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to be able to successfully assist those who can help themselves if they can just find out how. We here at have all got the same desire. We want to feel like we’re helping those who appreciate (for the most part) our help. Thank you all for your support and efforts toward our common goal.”


  1. Bob C says:

    Not often I comment on the greats but WHAT A PICK, WHAT A STORY and well deserved !

  2. oncallmech says:

    ooooooraaaahhhhh been there 1975 to 1980 mos hvy equipment mech. no grunt thank you for your service and sacrifice!