Twenty Thousand Thanks!!!

Vegas Banner smCombining the speed of a drag racer with the stamina of a NASCAR driver, emissionwiz became one of FixYa’s top contributors soon after registering and has kept up the pace for two years now. He recently became the first Expert to cross the 20K line. No, you didn’t misread that. emissionwiz has provided twenty thousand solutions to FixYa’s users. At this moment his solution count actually stands at 20,109, and counting Live Chats and Premium assistance, he’s solved a staggering total of 20,653 problems.

We had to ask emissionwiz the obvious question- How on earth does he find the time? But emissionwiz brushes the question off, saying it only takes him a few hours per day to do this. Retired from his career in the military and then at a car dealership, emissionwiz views sharing the expertise earned over those years as a hobby.

When asked how he feels about the enormous positive impact he has made by assisting so many, emissionwiz says it does occur to him that he’s provide a lot of help to people, but this car enthusiast isn’t an ego-driven person. emissionwiz adds that his dad was just like him, always ready and willing to share his skills with the people around him. The one person whose opinion really matters to emissionwiz is his wife, who frequently lets him know how proud she is of the help he gives others. His wife isn’t the only one, as FixYa is extremely proud to be associated with such a talented and dedicated technician.


  1. fathitkf says:

    That’s nice work man ..

    Best wishes .

  2. Sai says:

    Well done buddy! Great job! Congrats

  3. Kelly says:

    A tip of the hat to you. Your knowledge and experience had helped so many people. Lots of respect and admiration here.

  4. Ginko says:

    Well done!

  5. stealthvader says:

    Amazing. 20001 thanks here. ;D

  6. Lock123 says:


  7. danny herget says:

    You are doing amazing things and i am proud to be assocciated with anything that you are into,you rock!

  8. Toyota Ed says:

    Congrats, EmWiz. Great job.

  9. michael34 says:

    Keep up the great work!


  10. monte hammons says:

    great job, em-wiz. outstanding!