#FixYaMobile: Press Coverage Roundup

The home page of FixYa’s new HTML5 mobile site.

Last week we unveiled our brand new mobile website, an experience tailored just for you. The official press release with all the details can be found by clicking here.

User experience is the most important part of our business model. We know that you are accessing FixYa via your mobile device more and more every single day.

That’s why this release was so important to us– it not only delivered to you a sleek experience filled with all the site features you’ve come to know and love, it also broke new ground by becoming the first product Q&A site to utilize HTML5 and added some revolutionary features for Android users.

Oh and did we mention it got some sweet press coverage as well?

All of that coverage can be found below. But before you read, make sure to go to www.fixya.com from your mobile device and see what everyone is so excited about.



They Published: FixYa announces 24 million monthly users as it rolls out its HTML5 Q&A site for mobile users

They Said: “Over the past six months, FixYa’s mobile traffic has doubled as an increasing number of the site’s 24 million monthly users turn to mobile devices to browse the web. 17% of FixYa’s users access the site via a mobile device, so getting up to speed with HTML5 and opening up the service for this audience is a smart move.”

They Published: Mashable’s List of Top 6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

They said: “FixYa released an update to its HTML 5 mobile app this week, which allows you to get free expert solutions for problems you may have. Android users gained an exclusive new feature in the update: the ability to ask and answer questions by uploading videos and pictures directly from their phones without needing to download an app.”

They Published: FixYa debuts slick HTML5-based product support site

They Said: “The new HTML5 design is the key here and it looks great on Android smartphones and tablets. This is exactly the sort of site you should direct your parents to when they have questions about why the TV isn’t working right. On the other hand, it’s also perfect for that 16 year old who can’t understand why the car is leaking a green fluid.”

They Published: FixYa unveils HTML5 mobile web app for fixing your gadgets on the move

They Said: “Users will be able to access all of the desktop website’s standard features without compromise. This includes search by product name, brand, or other keywords to tap into the database of problem solutions for over 4 million products, expert answers ranked by quality and popularity, and user achievements.”

They Published: FixYa unveils HTML5 mobile web app for fixing your gadgets on the move

They Said: “FixYa is a common online Q&A destination for finding a solution to a problem you might be having with just about any gadget: phones, cameras, computers, cars, appliances, etc. Now it’s wisely launching an HTML5-based mobile web app so if you have a quick issue while you’re out, you can quickly load up FixYa to find a solution or ask for one.”

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