FixYa Launches First Ever HTML5 Product Q&A Site As Mobile Traffic Doubles to 4 Million Users Over The Past Six Months

Android users now able to ask and answer questions by uploading videos and pictures directly from their phones, without needing to download an app

San Mateo, CA– FixYa, the leading product Q&A destination, today announces the launch of FixYa Mobile, a complete HTML5 overhaul of its mobile website designed to optimize the most comprehensive product solution site in the world for use on smartphones and tablets.

To see the newly-designed site and all of its added features visit from a smartphone.

In recent months FixYa users have been introduced to a host of exciting new features such as the Fix-O-Meter and colorful expert achievements. Beginning today, FixYa’s mobile users will also have access to the full FixYa experience, as well as a host of fresh capabilities only available via mobile. The more than 10 million answer and ask flows comprising FixYa’s product database are now streamlined for mobile access. It also gives FixYa’s 650,000 experts access to all the colorful points, badges, and levels found on their full-sized dashboards.

Over the past six months, FixYa’s mobile traffic has doubled as an increasing number of the site’s 24 million monthly users turn to mobile devices to browse the web. FixYa has seen incredible growth in the number of mobile users accessing the site and is currently ranked as the 29th largest mobile website, according to Quantcast. Today, 17 percent of FixYa’s users access the site via a mobile device.

The FixYa Mobile site brings users the freedom of 24/7 product support available anywhere, and includes these features, among others:

  • Sleek and refined HTML5 design and user experience
  • Free expert solutions for more than 4 million products
  • Search and find solutions by product name, brand, and other keywords
  • Read top solutions posted by experts, ranked by quality and popularity
  • Colorful achievements for expert contributors

Android users are also gaining an exclusive new feature: they will be able to ask and answer questions by uploading videos and pictures directly from their phones without needing to download an app – a groundbreaking interaction solution that makes solving complex product problems a breeze.

“FixYa’s value comes from being able to offer access to quick, expert product help whenever you need it,” said FixYa CEO, Yaniv Bensadon. “With more users turning to their mobile devices for solutions to their everyday product problems, we felt it necessary to optimize the smartphone experience so it is more in line with the speed, accuracy, and convenience our 24 million users have come to expect.”

With FixYa Mobile users can bookmark previously viewed solutions (and other top solutions for products you own) for quick viewing in the future. Car broken down on Highway 66? The FixYa Mobile site can help users figure out exactly what’s wrong. They might not need to spend that $500 on a tow truck to the nearest town.

FixYa Mobile gives users fast, easy, and free solutions for all your product problems. With solutions for over four million products, they can easily find the answers they’re looking for and save money by bypassing costly support fees or the cost of shipping your product back to the manufacturer. Computer problem? Car? Appliance? Electronics? Users can quickly find free solutions to everyday product problems, provided by real FixYa experts. 24 million people use FixYa each month to save time and money.

To learn more about FixYa Mobile offering, visit from a smartphone.

About FixYa

In 2005, entrepreneur Yaniv Bensadon set out to build a community resource capable of providing relevant and up-to-date troubleshooting information, gathering consumer-generated practical product tips and sharing them in one user-friendly site. Today, with over 24 million visitors and four million products in its database, FixYa continues to empower individuals to repair and improve upon their already-purchased possessions. FixYa is a place where individuals can share real world experience and connect to provide each other practical advice. From fixing cars, to cameras, to iPhones, FixYans are part of a DIY revolution that helps empower techies, tinkerers and hobbyists across the globe.

FixYa is based in San Mateo, Calif., in the heart of Silicon Valley. For more information, visit, or follow FixYa on Twitter at


  1. Ken from Kansas says:

    Great work FixYa team! I’ve been using your site off and on for the last 2 years to get help with my home appliances but now with the new mobile site I probably won’t ever leave my living room.

    As if I needed to spend more time on my phone lol.

  2. Mark says:

    How much does it cost to ask questions with video?

  3. FixYa says:

    Ken: Great to hear! We’re glad you enjoy the new site and know it will improve the help you receive with your home appliances.

    Mark: Asking a question on FixYa is absolutely free. This goes for every version of our site (mobile, desktop, etc.).

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