FixYa Experts on the Disaster in Japan

As stories of tragedy and heroism emerge from the ongoing disaster in Japan, many people are using the internet to make donations supporting the people affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear threat. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudulent charities out there, collecting donations that will not be turned over to the people who need it.

Japan 2One of FixYa’s Experts, kingnite, has posted a helpful Tip for anyone considering making a donation online. Read his advice in Charities to Watch Out For.

The escalating nuclear threat continues to worry everyone, and people here in the US are becoming concerned about their own safety. One such person, daves944, came to FixYa wondering if there was any site that posted the radiation levels in the US, and a FixYa Expert came to his aid. Read his question to find out how you can monitor current radiation levels in various US cities as this crisis continues.

The hearts and minds of FixYa, its staff, and its Experts are with the people of Japan, as they struggle to rebuild their lives amid the thread of even greater disaster.

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