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My dad would think it was hilarious if someone told him he was living a green lifestyle. He’s the guy who’d come to the dinner table in a mechanic smock covered in grease and steer the conversation towards sports and muscle cars. Still, he’s been rebuilding motorcycles, rewiring the kitchen, dredging yards, and slapping up drywall for over 45 years. While I’d never tell him, I know my dad is an accidental environmentalist because, just like our community of folks who fix, repair and mod their belongings, he’s keeping broken products out of landfills.

Think about it, in the late eighties we were asked to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” FixYans are doing all three. Here are some ways we’re doing our part for the environment:

To help strengthen our community and empower more people to repair their old products, become a FixYa expert, or if you’re already an expert and you’d like to be featured in our blog, contact dana[at] for details.

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