Honda also Announces Recalls

0002f73610drHonda has recently joined the ranks of major automakers plagued by a slew of recalls. Earlier today the automaker announced the expansion of an earlier airbag recall. The recall now extends to 438,000 new vehicles. Affected models include some 2001 and 2002 Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Odyssey models.

This recall is due to dangers caused by the airbag inflators, which can place too much force on the airbag when deployed. This can fracture the inflator and producing metal shards. So far this has resulted in 12 incidents, including one fatality.

There was also a third recall, less than two weeks ago, involving 646,000 Honda Fit hatchbacks manufactured in 2008-2008. The problem relates to the driver’s master power-window switch. The switch can overheat and cause fire when it makes contact with “excessive” liquid, such as heavy rain. Seven incidents have been confirmed in the US, none resulting in injuries. But a person was killed in South Africa in 2009, and Honda suspects a faulty switch may have been the cause.

Honda owners who are worried that their cars may be affected can check online here.

Starting this month, Honda will be sending notices to owners of recalled cars, who should take their vehicles to the dealership as soon as they receive notification from Honda.

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for automakers still struggling to recover from a weak market. Investor and consumer confidence is badly shaken and both Honda and Toyota are scrambling to reassure the public. With new car buyers few and far between, this blow to the reputations of these major automakers is sure to affect both companies’ bottom lines.


  1. abhi says:

    Yes i heard that they are replacing some power window switch in cars.

  2. Libby Davis says:

    I wonder what the recalls will do to used car sales? Anyone thinking buying a used toyota is still a good idea?

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