Is your Icebox on Fire?

Fridge Fire smIs your refrigerator feeling a little hot? Is your kitchen slowly filling with smoke? If so, step away from the computer, call the fire department, then go to a friend’s house and continue reading this.

Maytag is recalling about 1.6 million refrigerators due to an electrical failure in the relay (for any non-fridge Experts out there, that’s the part that turns on your fridge’s compressor) that can cause overheating and potentially catch fire.

Recalled models were either side-by-side or top freezer, and have been sold under a number of brands including Maytag, Jenn-Air, Admiral, Magic-Chef, Performa by Maytag, and Crosley. You should go to the CPSC site to find out which model/serial numbers are involved in this recall.

Here is a list of the most popular models on FixYa affected by this recall. Please note, this only applies to your refrigerator if it starts with the prefix mentioned on the CPSC site and ends with the serial number also mentioned there.

Maytag Side-by-Side
MSD2756G, MSD2454G, MSD2656G, MSD2732GR, MSD2734GE

Maytag Top Freezer
MTB2156GES, MTB2176, MTB1504A, MTB1891AR, MTB1895AE

Jenn-Air Side-by-Side
JCD2389G, JCD2295HES, JCB2280HES, JCB2282H, JCB2285HES

Amana Side-by-Side

Amana Top Freezer
ATB1832AR, ATB1836AR, ATB1935HR, ATB2135HR, ATB1504AR

Magic Chef Top Freezer
CTF2125, CTB1521, CTB1722, CTB1821AR, CTB1922


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