More Information Requests & Viewing Your Profile

Take Off Tuesday Announcement

In this weeks announcement we’re excited to announce two new features that we’re sure you will find extremely useful. Let’s dive into the details of more information requests and the ability to view your own public profile.

More Information Requests:

Sometimes folks with product problems are in a hurry for help and don’t always provide enough details for the experts to resolve the problem.

Today we are happy to release a new feature that allows experts get the information they need to solve unclear problems. In return, this will also help askers get the help they are looking for.

When an expert is solving problems, they can now simply click to “Ask for more info” which provides the ability to alert the asker that more info is needed. Additionally, the expert will also be notified once the asker has replied with more details.

Request More Information

Viewing Your Public Profile:

In addition to more information requests, we have also pushed out a new update which allows all Fixya members to view their own public profile. This has been a highly requested feature and we’re happy and excited to fulfill this request.

To view your own public profile, simply sign into your Fixya account and then click on your avatar at the top right of any page. In the dropdown, simply click “My Profile” to view your public profile.

The previous “My Profile” page is still available, but is now available under “My Account”.

Click My Profile To View Your Public Profile


We hope you’ll find both of these new features very helpful, but as always feel free to leave us a comment below with any feedback or questions.

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