Fixya Black Friday Smartphone Report

Fixya Smartphone Report November 2013

Our Black Friday Smartphone Report details common issues across the newest mobile devices, with users opting out of the fingerprint functionality of the iPhone 5s, disappointed with the HTC One’s camera quality, worried about their overheating Samsung Galaxy S4, and frustrated with a lack of storage space on the Moto X.

Our new report compares the number of fix-it requests across top smartphones released this year, sifting through over 12,000 problem impressions to determine the most common issues with each device. The Fixya Black Friday Smartphone Report covers the Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X, iPhone 5s, and the HTC One. By looking at the top issues with each device, the Fixya Black Friday Smartphone Report seeks to provide clarity to consumers before they make their big smartphone upgrades this Black Friday.

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Our new Black Friday Smartphone Report aggregates troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through our product Q&A site and iOS mobile app. The report is meant to lift the veil around smartphone reliability by identifying the most common problems.

The major trends found within the our report:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 has become wildly popular since its release in 2010, hitting 40 million sales in 2013, but as with most smartphones users experience overheating and battery issues – a common problem in phones with such powerful processing power.
  • Along with screen quality falling short of that expected of new smartphones, the number one complaint of the newly released Moto X is a lack of storage space for the native device. With low storage space, and no memory card option to upgrade on your own, the only option is to expand storage through cloud services — which is a limiting option if you are ever roaming or off the grid, not to mention more expensive over time.
  • Fixya users reported battery issues with the new iPhone 5s, but as stated earlier – this is a common problem in smartphones with powerful processing power. A unique concern for the future, although not pressing at the moment, is the fingerprint password feature – which with the recent NSA scandal seems an obvious concern for anyone new to the phone.
  • Being highly lauded for a beautiful and unique design, the HTC One has fallen short in camera quality – which seems slightly surprising considering the obvious time invested in screen quality and impeccable industrial design.

Below are the top five problems for each browser in the Fixya Black Friday Smartphone Report, and the percentage of troubleshooting requests that fall into each problem category:

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 Issues:

  1. Overheating – 25%
  2. Battery Problems – 20%
  3. Screen Issues – 20%
  4. Phone & Text Issues – 15%
  5. Other – 20%

Top 5 Moto X Issues:

  1. Storage Space – 30%
  2. Screen Quality – 20%
  3. Camera Quality – 20%
  4. GPS Problems – 15%
  5. Other – 15%

Top 5 iPhone 5s Issues:

  1. Battery Problems – 25%
  2. Fingerprint Password – 25%
  3. Display Size – 15%
  4. Apps Crashing – 15%
  5. Other – 20%

Top 5 HTC One Issues:

  1. Battery Life – 30%
  2. Audio Issues – 20%
  3. Camera Quality – 20%
  4. Blinkfeed Feature – 10%
  5. Other – 20%

We created this latest report by sourcing data from our 30 million users and 8 million product problems and solutions. Those interested in viewing the full report can do so here:

“With all of the most popular smartphone lines coming out with new models like the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s important for consumers to know both the strengths and weaknesses of each phone, to make the best purchase to suite their own needs,” said Fixya CEO and founder Yaniv Bensadon. “Our latest report takes an in-depth look at the most common problems with these top phones, allowing people to go into their upgrade decision informed, prepared, and knowing what to expect.”


  1. Timmy says:

    Why only these phones? Even though you it would be difficult to include them all (although that would be ideal), you left out some major phones (Note 3, G2, Z1, etc) that would have made this a better review.

  2. Larry Tate says:

    The zte midnight ::(wish I was informed how cheap this cheap phone is got no bars in my room my spouse same service 4 bars miss a lot important calls