Takeoff Tuesday: Edit Categories

Welcome to the first edition of Takeoff Tuesday, a weekly feature on this here blog that highlights the new site features that were released on Tuesday morning.

Along with giving you an idea of what new tools you will be able to use, this feature allows you to send us feedback on what is awesome and what you would like to see improved.

Since it’s our first Takeoff Tuesday let’s fill you in on how this is going to work. Every Tuesday we have a release on the site that improves existing features or introduces entirely new ones. Sometimes the update is big and sometimes the update is small. No matter the size of the update we will be here communicating exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, we aren’t going to bore you with all of the back-end changes we’re making. Everything found in these articles will be directly relevant to you and your experience on the site. No fluff, only the good stuff. All of this happens here, on the FixYa blog, every Tuesday afternoon.

So what did we add today? So glad you asked!

Today we added an “Edit Categories” section to allow Experts greater freedom in selecting what categories they want to solve questions for. We felt compelled to make this addition due to a myriad of factors, the most important being the number of experts asking for it over the course of the last month.

When you open your Answer Flow on the left navigation you will see “Edit Categories” underneath all of the categories you are able to answer right now. Clicking on this will send you to the edit page where you can = add a category and/or remove one from your current list.

The process is entirely seamless– add a category and it is immediately added, remove a category and it is immediately removed– and gives you the customizability that you’ve asked for in regards to product category solutions. From paring down a long list of categories that is becoming increasingly hard to keep track of, or adding a category you want to get a head start on, this feature is one that everyone will enjoy.

As always, we warmly invite your feedback on this new Edit Category feature. You can reach us via social media–Facebook, Google+, Twitter— or in the comments below.

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