Takeoff Tuesday: Email Settings

Welcome to the second edition of Takeoff Tuesday, a weekly feature on the FixYa blog that highlights the new site features that were released on Tuesday morning.

Along with giving you an idea of what new tools you will be able to use, this feature allows you to send us feedback on what is awesome and what you would like to see added in the future.

Just like last week we have a minor addition that will improve your interaction with FixYa. Unlike the Edit Categories feature however, which will be used by Experts to improve their ability to solve questions when they are on the site, our new Email Settings page is meant to improve interaction with FixYa when you are offline.

As many of you have told us, the email updates FixYa sends when someone comments on a thread is invaluable. It gives you the power to stay involved in all of your conversations without manually checking the thread every day. It’s effective, non-intrusive, and an integral part of your experience on the site.

Although this is all well and good, we also understand that no two users are the same. Some enjoy staying constantly plugged in while others only want to think about FixYa when they are on FixYa. And while this set of users is small based off the feedback we’ve received in the past, it’s also very important for us to accommodate everyone’s needs as we strive to create the best site experience we can.

Which brings us to the core of our Email Settings feature, a place where users are able to do three key things:

  • Unfollow all current questions. Looking for a clean wipe to stop receiving email updates on problems no longer relevant to you? Click “Unfollow” and you will be automatically and immediately removed from those problems.
  • Send me emails that are directly related to my FixYa profile. An important feature in any FixYa users tool kit, these emails inform you of any updates to your FixYa profile. This includes notifications for achievements, changes in status, and updates on a new testimonial or positive ranking.
  • Do not send me any more emails from FixYa. This one says it all. If you’re looking to take a break for a few days, or don’t want to receive any email updates from us, simply select this button and you will be immediately removed from our mailing list. If you change your mind you can always turn it back on and stay up to date on information that is important to you.

As always, we warmly invite your feedback on this new Edit Category feature. You can reach us via social media–Facebook, Google+, Twitter— or in the comments below.

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One Comment

  1. Tilaara says:

    I agree, I’m sure that you always visit a lot of sites everyday and you may not visit FixYa, but I’m sure you are always checking your e-mail first. Notification on e-mails if there are updates on the blog will still keep you in touch.