Testimonial of the Week – Oct 21

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This week’s testimonial comes from the world of microwaves and once again a FixYa expert was able to rescue a kitchen appliance from being tossed to the curb.

FixYa user Tom M. was having problems with his Whirlpool microwave turntable not spinning or heating properly. Tom posted a very detailed explanation of the problem he was having and another FixYa expert knew exactly what to do.

The problem turned out to be a bad upper door switch or a loose door switch mount, which are pretty simple problems to fix, according to expert William M.

William was able to save Tom’s microwave with a detailed solution and multiple tips about door switches.

Tom now knows exactly what to do to fix his microwave and summed up the help he received with the following testimonial:

“William nailed it. The upper door switch would not work when the door was closed. Open it the smallest bit and it worked. The connectors were colored blue from excessive heat. The middle switch worked but had blue connectors too. I have ordered replacements for all 3. Thanks!”

If you’re having problems with any of your kitchen appliances, be sure to check out FixYa and many of the other available Whirlpool solutions!

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  1. Airjer995 says:

    Nice job William!