Customer Service = Sales

Dodge_Charger_RT-440I just pitched a car magazine on the rising trend of online repair and customer service and the editor replied, “The whole point of our magazine is to sell more cars.”

Wow. Don’t people realize that giving customers good service equates to loyalty and long-term sales? The “whole point” of FixYa is to compliment manufacturer service and improve the overall experience of owning a car or truck. And because most of our services are free, this is a win-win situation for dealers and buyers.

In any case, FixYa has some great car-related resources and our own Emissionwiz is kind enough to offer several preventative measures to help increase vehicle life:

  • Use the recommended weight of oil and change it as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Keep a regular check on tire pressure as it really affects fuel mileage and most blow-outs are caused by under-inflation issues.
  • Tune-up the engine at the recommended mileage. If you do it sooner, it is a waste of money.
  • And last but not least, keep an eye on coolant, oil (including transmission fluid) and brake fluid levels. Very expensive repairs can be avoided by keeping oil and coolant levels full.


  1. Jae Ganzer says:

    Where have I been? I just found your website on Google. Good article! I appreciate you taking the energy to share this.

  2. Oscar Turner says:

    when running a business, the first thing you should do is always establish a good customer service;,”