Rescuing People and Products

JinglesMistersony may have only been on FixYa since October (with an amazing 91% average), but his 30 years of experience in the field speaks for itself. He started out working on audio equipment and repaired the first Sony Walkmans and CD players (the things we used to play music before iPods, for all you neophytes out there). He was inspired to go into audio because his father was a radio man in the South Pacific during WW2, and passed on his interest to his son. After that he got into TVs. He still dabbles in audio, and occasionally cell phones, but focuses mainly on TVs. He comes from a big family and their repair needs keep him very busy!

Besides his family, Mistersony is kept busy with his rescue dog, pictured above. She is a German Shepherd named Jingles. He also enjoys reading in whatever free time he can find.

Mistersony heard about FixYa because a customer he was doing a repair for said that someone on FixYa has recommended a different method. Mistersony felt that the other method was unsafe and went on FixYa that night to supply the correct information. That user was so happy with the advice that he wrote to FixYa staff, raving about the help he received. Mistersony also gets a lot out of his time on this site. He says that he “is in awe of being able to trade stories and information with people as far away as Australia!”

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