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Enough about us…(Part 1) Let’s hear what the Media has to say about FixYa

Lately we’ve been been receiving a lot of positive attention from the Media and Bloggers. FixYa seems to have captured the imagination of many reporters which found it interesting and useful for their audience.

Here’s a short list of latest posts about FixYa:
After visiting Fixya, Elsa Wenzel from Cnet regrets not finding us sooner. “If only I’d found Fixya sooner!”

Doug Delony from Fox TV compares FixYa to Myspace.

Gizmag labeled us under “Good thinking”.

And just yesterday Roi Carthy of centernetworks.com observed that “we technically baffled folk have only to gain from their work.”

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Guaranteed Solution

The Web2.0 philosophy (AKA User Generated Content) which FixYa is based upon is no doubt a noble one. With over 1,000,000 visitors and 10’s of thousands of solutions provided each month it also seems to be working quite well.

But sometimes one finds himself in a need for an immediate response and wants to ensure his problem gets the highest priority and most qualified expert‘s attention.

That’s why we invented “Guaranteed Solution plan“. From now on when you post your new problem you can choose to make it “top priority” and get a solution “Guaranteed!“

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