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“Crowdsourcing” the new generation of outsourcing

A message from FixYa’s CEO and Founder Yaniv Ben Saadon:

With the emergence of collaboration and users generated content, more and more internet companies are leveraging that behavior to offer a professional and effective service that previously was offered by conventional outsourcing companies.

While outsourcing companies must carry the cost burden of training and housing their representatives, this new breed of companies leverage the wisdom of the crowds into providing cost-efficient and effective independent service. Supply and demand of these markets constantly motivate these independent crowdsourced professionals to exhale, without accumulating overhead costs of their hiring companies. Moreover, these companies act as the independent contractors supply chain while they deliver their prospected business.

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New Features: My Work Queue & Additional Information

We’ve just added 2 new working tools for our experts. These features have been requested for quite some time and we hope they will provide a smoother and more convenient working environment.

My Work Queue
This feature will allow experts to go over the various problems and choose the ones they would like to answer later on.

When you’re ready to answer the questions just go to “Share Your Expertise” and easily find all the problems you’ve tagged.

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Join Our “Official Support Personnel” Plan

Are you a professional support personnel working for one of FixYa’s featured brands?
We would like to offer you to join our company employee experts community. This distinct group of experts are identified as official employees and are given a “Staff” Ribbon.
This Ribbon will be shown on each of the solutions provided by these experts as well as on their profile pages. In addition each employee solutions will carry a title which stats that the solution was provided by a manufacturer staff.

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