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Portrait of an Expert as a Young Man

Blog: Turku, Ekse's Home Town

FixYa has some pretty outstanding experts. One such expert, Ekse, is a 20-year-old information technology student with 3692 FixYa solutions logged in his name. We were lucky enough to get an interview:

Q: Tell us about yourself:
A: I live in Finland, Turku. It’s a beautiful city. (see above picture) I have a background in computer repair and resale. I have had an interest in electronics and computers for a long time now. My father works in cars and back when I was very young I was “helping” my father in fixing his cars, I learned many lessons back then. So my strong interest in electronics and computers started and I have been taking things apart and putting them back together ever since. Right now I make my living from computers and customer service, while continuing my studies.

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FixYa: Green & DIY

My dad would think it was hilarious if someone told him he was living a green lifestyle. He’s the guy who’d come to the dinner table in a mechanic smock covered in grease and steer the conversation towards sports and muscle cars. Still, he’s been rebuilding motorcycles, rewiring the kitchen, dredging yards, and slapping up drywall for over 45 years. While I’d never tell him, I know my dad is an accidental environmentalist because, just like our community of folks who fix, repair and mod their belongings, he’s keeping broken products out of landfills.

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FixYa: Manuals, Mechanics & Motor City

Vintage CarsAs a kid I remember passing my father wrenches and soldering tools as he lay in coveralls beneath his fixer-upper car of the month. He’d rebuilt an old Mustang convertible, a Thunderbird, and a black 1959 El Camino. The year I turned 16-years-old, he had enough foresight to find me the slowest 1986 Chevette hatchback to ever grace the road – it was like driving a gigantic hamster-powered potato.

That being said, the great thing about having a hideous car is that you are not afraid to attempt to resuscitate it. There’s the old saying, “Give a man a fish; you’ve fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

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iPhone App-titude: FixYans Get it Right

It comes as no surprise to see Apple’s iPhone App store garner an amazing amount of attention. Media outlets have been broadcasting footage from 3G iPhone lines across the nation. Nevertheless, it seems nobody expected the online store to earn as much revenue as it has in the first month. According to the Washington Post, the online App Store is collecting an average of $1 million dollars per day, despite the fact that the majority of the third party applications are available for free download. More than 60 million applications have been downloaded in a period of 30 days and FixYa is buzzing with solutions to your most difficult iPhone issues.

From providing basic store sign-in support, to touch screen tips, to solving reception issues – our experts have worked tirelessly in improving our iPhone App-titude.

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