FixYa Experts Racking Up The New Achievements

It’s been a busy couple weeks for us at FixYa. We rolled out Version 3.0 of our website in mid-December, TechCrunch weighed in with their approval of the new look, and our traffic has been off the hook this holiday season as consumers around the world search for solutions to their product problems.

Not surprisingly, our Experts have been busy using their finely-honed expertise to solve these issues.

And they’ve been racking up the achievements along the way.

For those who are unaware of Achievements, a brief refresher– FixYa has introduced six achievements to the site that are bestowed upon Experts once they reach a specific milestone in their career. These achievements are posted into Expert’s profiles for everyone to see.

Along with providing Experts a badge they can be proud of and share online, it also serves as a measuring stick for askers to utilize upon receiving a solution. If you receive a solution from an Expert who has two or more achievements in their profile, you know that he or she is superbly qualified to diagnose the issue you are currently dealing with.

As of this posting there are 50 total Experts who have received at least one achievement. Dedicated Experts are a common occurrence on FixYa, but sometimes even we are surprised with the passion they have for helping out the community.

The Greenhorn achievement has been given to 12 Experts that answered 20 or more questions on their first day (their first day!). It’s probably too early to definitively say what the future will hold for them in 2012, but any Rookie of The Year ballot is bound to include some of these Experts on it. Andrias is a perfect example of this– he solved 156 solutions in his first two days on the site as well as earning the Greenhorn achievement. Talk about hitting the ground running.

The Night Owl achievement has been awarded to 11 Experts who answered 10 or more questions between midnight and 6 AM in one day. Sleep? We don’t think so. Sleep is for the weak.

And then there’s the crème de la crème of the FixYa community, the Experts every asker wants to show up and answer their question– our scholars. The Scholar achievement has been given out to a whopping 33 people already, with these individuals providing over 20 solutions of 400 characters or more. It’s all about precision, and those Scholars made sure that each question received a complete and in-depth solution.

Special honors also go to six Experts who have already earned two Achievements this month. Bryan Madison Santiago, Lexmark Listens, DT Tech, John McPherson, JoeGuest2, and Jerry Abell all earned the Scholar and Night Owl achievements in one fell swoop. These are the kinds of Experts that are the backbone to our site, and a spectacular six we couldn’t live without.

Stay tuned to our blog for updates as we add even more achievements in the coming weeks.

Have a safe and fun New Years celebration this weekend, fellow FixYa fanatics.

Have an idea for an Achievement you’d like to see on the site? Leave a comment on our blog, contact us on Facebook, or reach out on Twitter.


  1. Julie says:

    Thanks, very useful badges, except night owl IMO. No practical use since no important info about expert.

  2. FixYa says:

    Julie: Thanks for the feedback!

    Are there any achievements you would like us to implement going forward that have a little more “utility” for the user looking at an expert’s page?

  3. Dennis Weid says:

    Lets do some rewards like free computers or big screen TV’s for top experts. After all we do make the money for this site, reward us.

  4. femme mode says:

    Beautiful blog and great photos!!!