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FixYa’s 10K Club is Growing!

Medal sm2011 has been a huge year for FixYa’s Experts and thirteen new Experts have crossed the 10K solution mark. Ten-thousand is a big number for any form of contribution to a site. When you consider that each solution represents a person that our 10K Experts have helped to solve a problem, the contribution is staggering. FixYa is so proud of the amazing Experts who have reached this milestone, and we want to let everyone know who they are:

alicantecoli – 15,049 solutions
alicantecoli has been an Expert since November ’08 and is a talented mechanic with fully 40 years experience
budmrtn – 10,320 solutions
budmrtn has been providing TV support on FixYa since October ’09 and has 30 years in repair in design
geekman – 16,269 solutions
geekman has been helping here since June ’07 and is a semi-retired computer guru who also provide cell phone support
justaskjoe – 10,627
justaskjoe has apprenticeships in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and woodworking and has been a FixYa Expert since January ‘09
k_akima – 15,782
k_akima has been around since December ’09, was one of the fastest Experts to cross the 10K mark, and is already more than halfway to 20K

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