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Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Changes to Our Expert Experience

In the next couple of weeks we are going to launch several major changes that will revolutionize the dynamics around how questions are answered and consequently, the reward experts will be earning for their solutions.

These changes are part of our vision and strategy with the new FixYa site to put our users in the center and provide them with a superb experience and value proposition. As part of that vision, we have decided to make it our objective to hit a 100% Answer rate or in other words allow every asker to get a solution to his question in a timely manner.

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Testimonial of the Week – Nov 4

testimonials 2

FixYa user Kate G. could not figure out why her Singer 2950 sewing machine was stitching only one side a of a buttonhole and not reversing properly to finish the job.

Luckily, FixYa has many many sewing machine related solutions and experts to help solve the most riddling of problems.

In this particular case, FixYa expert Tally Girl not only provided a solution, but also recommended to Kate G the best place to find the user manual for her exact model of sewing machine.

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iPhone Battery Fix is on the Way

iphone battery iconSince the release of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, complaints about battery life have been spreading like wildfire in Apple’s own forums and across the web. Apple has finally acknowledged the problem and says that software bugs in iOS 5 are to blame.

Now that the problem has been narrowed down to the operating system, Apple has finally come forward with the news that a software update will be coming in a few weeks to address these issues.

This is great news for folks that have been experiencing battery life issues after upgrading to iOS 5.

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