Brand Expert Awards

One of our latest features was adding a menu to make it easy to find and solve problems related to your favorite brands and categories.

This week we are rewarding you more for all your expert solutions by adding Brand Expert Awards.

1. Progress toward Brand Expertise

As you solve problems in a category or brand, you can track your progress towards expertise in any given brand or category in your dashboard. 100 points answered about a specific brand earn you “Brand Expert” status. 300 points about a category earn you “Category Expert” status. Once you’ve achieved expertise in that brand or category, you receive a badge in your “My Expertise” panel of your dashboard.

Brand Dashboard

2. More street-cred when you solve problems

Brand Expert status is not just a pretty picture on your dashboard. It is a badge of a credibility on every problem you solve. When you solve problems in brands you’ve already achieved expertise in, the badge for that brand shows next to your solution. Now users asking questions can trust you as an expert in that particular brand or category.

Brand Solution

Thoughts? Frustrations? What do you think?

As always, it is our unwavering desire to make it easy and fun to share and solve problems. So if you have any feedback, let us know in the comments below!

One Comment

  1. Shadab Ahmad Khan Lodhi says:

    Thank you for offering prestigious Awards like Brand Expert and as well as the badges like Scholar, Night Owl, Problem Solver and much more, which are beyond our expectations. Is there any such proof or hang outs that we can display in our shops for our customer’s to view, and file such supporting documents that we could feel proud to add them in our resumes.
    Once again thank you for your considerations for awarding the deserving professionals with superb awards.