Enhancing Solutions with Images and Videos Anytime!

Everyone can now add videos or images to any solution they provide on FixYa at anytime!

As of today, FixYa users will gain the ability to insert images or videos into any new solutions they provide along with any solutions they have already provided in the past. For example, a solution you provided two months (or two years) ago can now be updated to include images or videos to further enhance the solution.

These new features will provide the ability to:

  • Insert images or videos when providing solutions to new unsolved problems
  • Update past solutions to include images or videos
  • Enrich your solutions to give users the best chance at solving their problem
  • Improve your solutions and boost your expert reputation

After posting a solution, experts are presented with an “Add Media” button when viewing their own solutions that will allow additional media to be added to their solution at anytime.

Inserting Media into Solutions

Choose whether you would like to add an image or video which will present two new pop up windows where images or videos can be inserted from multiple areas:

  • My Computer: Add an image or video from your computer.
  • Web Address: Simply copy and paste the web address (URL) of your image or YouTube video here.
  • Search: Search for relevant images or videos to enrich your solution without leaving the FixYa website.

Media Pop Up Window

This same functionality is also available when accessing the FixYa mobile website from your smartphone or mobile device.

Insert Media on Mobile

Oh, and what about comments, you say!?

One of the most requested features from FixYa’s experts and users has been the ability to insert media when posting a comment. You asked and we listened! In addition to adding images and videos within solutions, all users can now insert videos and images when posting a comment!

Inserting Media within Comments

We are confident that these updates will allow FixYa users to provide richer solutions and comments while helping others, but as always if you have any feedback please let us know or drop us a comment below.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements and we look forward to seeing your great videos and images within solutions and comments!

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