FixYa adds Leaderboard to celebrate Experts’ Accomplishments

FixYa is proud to announce the release of the Experts Leaderboard, a brand new feature which tracks Experts’ activity over the course of a week. Along with giving our best Experts the ability to see where they stand in regards to their peers, this Leaderboard highlights all of our phenomenal Experts and gives them a dedicated place on the site that celebrates their accomplishments.

An Expert’s score is the total number of points they have earned during the week. Experts earn the majority of their points by solving questions, and bonus points are given out for a solution that receives a positive rating from the community or solutions that are posted within a few hours of the question being asked.

Another front-end feature we released today was the addition of the Top Experts Leaderboard teaser that can be found on the FixYa Home Page. This teaser gives us the ability to do the exact same thing as the Top Experts Leaderboard– celebrate the accomplishments of our Experts– as well as keep each and every user on FixYa up to date on which Experts are truly the cream of the crop.

The Leaderboard wouldn’t be complete without recognition for the number one spot of course, and on that front we have delivered as well. A Top Expert achievement badge will be bestowed upon the #1 Expert at the end of the week, giving that Expert the deserved recognition for a job very well done.

If you see an Expert with that badge solving your questions you can be certain you are in the best of hands.

For more information on our Top Experts leaderboard, please click here. If you’re looking for more information on the Top Experts badge, please click here.

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Good luck!

One Comment

  1. Lily says:

    I wish to see myself with those Experts. I gotta learn more and gain more points. Sooner, I’ll see myself having those badges. Keep it up guys!