FixMas Report: Top Consumer Electronic Troubleshooting Problems of the 2011 Holiday Season

FixYa, the leading product Q&A destination, is proud to unveil its FixMas 2011 holiday report, detailing the most popular consumer electronics items of the holiday season and their reliability head to head against competing products.

The holidays may be over, and the gifts unwrapped, but proud new device owners could just now be discovering a sea of problems with their new gadgets. This holiday’s report reveals the most popular problems experienced by consumers from November 2011 to the start of January 2012.

The report releases a number of troubleshooting lists (below), including the top smartphones, top tablets, and top game consoles of the holiday season, with details of major issues for each product. For example, the FixMas report finds that the iPhone is plagued by battery problems, while Apple’s iPad is found to be much more reliable than competing tablets and e-readers.

In addition, FixYa’s detailed product troubleshooting census uncovered a number of surprising results:

  • The iPhone tops the list of troubleshooting requests for smartphones, with a whopping 40% of the issues related to the battery.
  • Non-touchscreen smartphones such as the BlackBerry Curve and Nokia E63 have few troubleshooting requests than their touchscreen cousins, like Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones.
  • The iPad is found to be far more reliable than competing Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy and Coby Kyros, which tend to have many more touchscreen-related issues like screen freezes.
  • Gaming consoles in general (XBox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii) require the largest amount of troubleshooting, being responsible for just over 60 percent of the total questions asked by FixYa users during the holiday season.

FixYa brings consumers the most comprehensive solution database in the world. FixYa’s FixMas data was generated from over 20 million users, 650,000 experts, and 10 million product problems and solutions. FixYa’s unique access to crowd-sourced product Q&A from consumers, grants the company transparent data that no other service can claim to provide. FixYa’s troubleshooting data comes from real-life consumer experience with products and product problems.

The graphs generated from FixYa’s FixMas data report can be seen by clicking “Continue Reading” below.


  1. ChasMac77 says:

    Can we see these graphs with percentage of complaints relative to the number of units sold? Samsung tablets numbers would look gigantic in comparison to the iPad.

  2. FixYa says:

    That’s an excellent idea Chas, and one we definitely thought about pursuing. Unfortunately, without specific numbers on precisely how many products were sold (data companies don’t like to give out) the numbers would just be an estimate– that’s a road we didn’t want to go down.

    If you end up doing the legwork definitely let us know in the comments. It would be very interesting to see how the data set breaks down when you account for units owned by consumers.