FixYa improves user experience with new Search Function and Ask Details Gauge

Here at FixYa we are proud of our efforts to constantly improve the user experience. Every day we come to the office we have one goal in mind– make our site as intuitive and enjoyable as possible for all of you.

Today we have made two small but important changes to our user experience that will help both Experts and askers alike.

For starters, many have already noticed the improvements to our search function located in the top right hand corner of your home page.

Instead of an auto-fill occurring within the confines of the search box, we now offer users a list of 7 thread pages (complete with question and solution) based on what you are currently searching for. Along with having a sleek design that looks great in action, the tool is a huge benefit for users looking for a quick solution to their problem.

No more loading and reloading various pages in the archives in an attempt to find a solution, and certainly no more confusion as you desperately try to guess what the best search term might be– type in a phrase, browse the solutions, and enjoy the results in real-time.

It’s that simple.

Although this tool is primarily used by askers searching through previous solutions, our Experts have seen benefits as well. Since the new search function returns more relevant results than others found across the web, FixYa’s best Experts have more eyes on their top-notch solutions.

This means more opportunity for positive rankings, with Experts (who earn points) and askers (who find solutions) all winning at the same time.

Thumbs up indeed.

Another tool we launched today is the Ask Details Gauge, which helps increase the chance a question will receive an answer.

The gauge will only become maxed out after a question title, product category, and details about the problem are added. Although this is not required to ask a question, it is a useful tool that is highly encouraged due to the benefits for both askers and Experts.

Askers receive the benefit of knowing how to improve their question to receive a better solution, while Experts receive questions that have as much detail as possible, making their job easier in the process.

Furthermore, with our “Suggested Solutions” algorithm locating keywords from previous solutions, giving as many details as possible can return an answer that has already been posted.

Both of these assets reduce the amount of back and forth that needs to be take place throughout the question-answer process, giving both Experts and Askers what they’re looking for– clarity, conciseness, and quickness in getting everyone a successful solution.

Enjoy the new features, FixYa fanatics.

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  1. Bill Allen says:

    I need the exploded parts drawing for a Maytag Dryer Model # LDE9334ACE

  2. Tayjoejoe says:

    Why can’t i search out questions by category anymore? I like to answer about cars and trucks, car stereos, and car electronics. But i can only search the ALL UNANSWERED, and the search box option is always producing questions 2-4 days old… Remember when you could search through the Cars and Trucks catergory or Car audio video? That was nice. Then i only saw questions that i have expertise in.