Our 5 Favorite DIY (“Do It Yourself”) Coat Racks

Hundreds of new categories have been added to FixYa’s library over the last two weeks. From furniture to pet supplies we’ve been hard at work giving you the tools you need to ask, answer, and connect over products you know and love.

The category we’re covering today is Coat and Hat Racks, a category that was added to FixYa last week.

With so many new products on the site we thought it would be prudent to periodically highlight these new categories and share some related DIY projects that reaffirm our love of waking up to do what we do every day.

As many of you know, here at FixYa we’re huge DIY’ers. We love to take apart gadgets, fix problems for others, and fix problems for ourselves.

Most importantly however, we love to create. There’s a simple pleasure in making something with your own bare hands that you can proudly display in your home or gift to others.

It’s the kind of self-nourishment all of our Experts believe in, and a trait our users rely upon when they come to us with their product questions. When you’re fixing someone else’s problem you need to be creative, especially when that interaction is taking place online.

That creativity is what we are highlighting today.

Here are our five favorite DIY coat and hat racks:

Pipe Hat & Coat Rack

Designed by Nick Fraser, this coat rack is great for a modern home with an industrial feel. The red knob adds a lot of pop to any wall needing some color or life, and the gold piping adds some flair to what is otherwise considered a boring household item.

The best part about it? We’re pretty sure you don’t need to call a plumber to install it.


Tree Branch Hat & Coat Rack

This might be our favorite DIY coat rack for no other reason than it’s about as rustic as you can get. Utilizing branches that have fallen off trees, it’s a sustainable solution for any consumer looking to bring a little bit of the great outdoors into heated and insulated homes.

You might have to hunt around for perfect branches a bit before you have enough to hang your coats, but completing this project in the fresh air sounds like…well, a breath of fresh air.

Toy Animal Hat & Coat Rack

If you have kids you know how quickly they either get tired of their toys or grow out of them and want new things. That’s one of the appeals of this coat rack, which re-purposes plastic animal toys into something that’s exciting and fun for the whole family to look at.

Whether you’re 8 or 82 years old, you probably have a special place in your heart for the toy animals you played with as a kid. This coat rack keeps that magic alive.


Coffee Cup Hat & Coat Rack

This brings new meaning to your cup of morning coffee. Although we’re not quite sure how this specific creator is going to get the cups off the wall without damaging the paint, gluing them down on a wood plank with E-6000 is an option around that. Mount the plank to the wall and you’re in business.

Does anyone else think some coffee shops should think about implementing this in their entryway? It’s a simple way to make any type of coffee shop feel welcoming.


Vintage Trophy Hat & Coat Rack

Remember when we said that the tree branch coat rack was our favorite one of the bunch? Consider us at an impasse. This vintage trophy coat rack is unique, slick, and looks flat out awesome in any entryway (especially if you have kids).

Maybe it’s just because we were All-Stars in Little League and have had trophies sitting around in our garage for 10 years, but we’re going to get started on this project (you can find the directions here) this weekend.


Interested in hat and coat racks like these? How about one that you purchased at a store?

FixYa has all the answers in our new category Hats & Coat Racks. Come by and say hello!

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