FixYa’s Second iPad Raffle – Anyone Can Win!

iPadEarly this month, FixYa had the pleasure of surprising one of our Experts, logosc75, with a brand new iPad. This month we’re having a new raffle, and it’s anyone’s game!

As announced in the Experts’ Lounge, our Experts will be receiving one raffle entry for each Testimonial they receive during the month of October. At the end of the month, we’ll have a drawing and another lucky Expert will receive a brand new iPad.

Askers only give Testimonials if they’re truly pleased with the service they’ve received, so make sure to wow them with high-quality, detailed solutions. Check out this Tip for guidelines on how to provide top-notch assistance. FixYa staff will be auditing the winner to ensure that they’ve been providing quality assistance and that their Testimonials were legitimately earned.

Every single free solution has the potential to win you an iPad, so get out there and make sure to put your best foot forward!


  1. nonontech says:

    Congrats @logosc75…..

  2. Jane says:

    I want an iPad but I can’t afford it at present. I need save money for the new year festival.