Congrats on the Big 10K heatman101!

heatman101When we first profiled heatman101 in February this year, he had posted around 500 solutions in just three months on the site. We were very impressed, but heatman101 was just getting started. Since then, he has posted over 12 thousand additional solutions, becoming only the fourth Expert to cross the 10 thousand solution mark. He’s also authored 227 high-quality home appliance Tips, which he references in his solutions. This volume points to one thing- heatman101 is very serious about helping people.

Not only is heatman101 serious about helping people, he has a practical plan on how to do so. As he says about his large body of solutions and Tips on FixYa, “for me it is a stepping stone to where I want to be someday. The more material I can get out, the better chance I have of being able to step totally into the Internet world and make a living from my computer… I would love to be able to be totally supported by an Internet type business. It would free me to go to disaster areas and help others, while still having the ability to make an income.”

These plans aren’t just fanciful; heatman101 has the skills to back them up. He’s worked in welding and metal fabrication, carpentry, and has over twenty years of experience in the HVAC field. He also runs a business in the rural area where he lives. As a repairman in a rural area, far from traditional service centers, heatman101 has learned to fix a wide range of products. This all plays into his larger plan. “With the knowledge that I have gained in the building trades and related experiences, I could be a great asset to people that need help but cannot afford to pay for it,” he says. “Building and repairing churches, missionary schools, etc would be very satisfying for me.”

With all the time and effort heatman101 puts into FixYa, you have to wonder how his family and friends feel about the time he spends on the site. heatman101 says he talks about FixYa frequently to his friends. He says that, while his wife is proud of what he’s accomplished, she can get a bit jealous of the time he spends on FixYa. He acknowledges that he does need to make sure to keep his priorities in order, and we’re perfectly fine with that. As long as heatman101 is earning testimonials like “Your perfect description about the start relay helped so much! $60 for the part & my fridge is alive again!” and “Fast answer, just awesome… this is intense customer service!” FixYa considers itself lucky just to be among this great technician’s priorities.


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    I really admire your abillity to push out all these solutions at this amaizing quality!!!!

  5. Tech says:

    You sound like a great person. And you’ve helped so many. CONGRATS!

  6. John Tripp says:

    Great numbers Heatman!I see you are always at the top of the list. Cannot say I am not a little jealous. Sea Breeze

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    Your the make dude. Keep it up the good works.

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    Great work…….

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    Simply amazing Heatman. I thought I would type fast, but … you leave me in the dust!

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    I admire you a lot. Congratulation.

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    congratulations heatman.
    We are all proud of you.

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    I just started and really love this site and it amazes me how people like you can post and answer questions as often as you do. Thanks for assisting all of us. John A. Crowder

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    May every blessing be yours as you continue to bless multitudes.

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    Congrats!!! keep going.Best Wishes.

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    Kudos, X4, heatman. That’s awesome. Truly gifted.