Congratulations to Chris Hingee on being Expert of the Month for August 2012

FixYa is proud to congratulate Chris Hingee, also known as “Geekman”, on earning FixYa Expert of the Month honors for his work in August 2012.

A long-time top expert on the site, Chris’ ability to provide concise solutions to questions across various categories is an asset that the FixYa community appreciates immensely– not a day goes by without Chris helping someone solve a nasty product problem. His ability to offer a wide range of tips and fixes for laptops, cell phones, printers, routers, and numerous other technical devices enriches the site immensely, setting the standard for what an online tech support should be.

All of FixYa is blessed to have his dedication on our team. We couldn’t be prouder to have an Expert of this magnitude assisting users daily.

With an astonishing 25,363 solutions and a whopping 79,000 solution points glowing on his resume, Chris’ relationship with 25 million monthly users of FixYa is extremely special. Users know and understand that when they see one of their product problems solved by Chris they are well on their way to getting a quick and reliable fix.

Like all of us, Chris has his specialties. The category he enjoys the most is PC Laptops. In that realm he has provided answers for over 8,400 problems asked by FixYa users.

Other notable areas of expertise are as follows:

  • PC Laptops – 8422 solutions
  • Cellular Phones – 4036 solutions
  • Printers – 2588 solutions
  • Routers – 1956 solutions
  • Motherboards – 1701 solutions
  • PC Desktops – 1291 solutions

If you have a question about a product in one of these categories, rest assured FixYa fanatics– you are in excellent hands.

Make the jump for a quick Q&A with Chris about his experience on FixYa as an Expert and a few personal notes of interest.

Why did you join FixYa and what’s your favorite part of being an Expert?

I joined FixYa to help people. My favorite part of being a FixYa Expert has to be passing on my knowledge and expertise to others.

How did you gain expertise in the Computer Networking category?

I gained knowledge in this category by managing computing networks.

Where do you live in the world?

I live in Sydney, Australia.


Congratulations again to Chris on earning Expert of the Month honors.

Think you have what it takes to be FixYa’s Expert of the Month? Send an email to support-at-fixya-dot-com with your username and have a chance to win a gift from the brand new FixYa point shop!

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    Big up mr chris you re great man.