FixYa’s Askers Agree – nonontech Rocks!

nonontech sm 3As with all Experts we see posting solutions to Twitter, we started following nonontech when we first noticed his FixYa Tweets. As we viewed his posts, it began to dawn on us that this was an Expert of great talent and dedication. Then, when we were pulling the stats for FixYa’s Raffle and Leaderboard Contest, we discovered that nonontech actually has one of the highest asker ratings possible, and one of very highest on the site. Those stats don’t lie, and are a testament to the work this great Expert is doing. Naturally, we had to profile him.

nonontech was born in Ukhrul, a remote village in India. In high school, he was an ambitious young person with dreams of being a “big man,” as he puts it, but was forced to quit his studies to help his family after the death of his father. nonontech eventually came to join the IT field. Over the last five years he has worked as a data entry operator, graphics designer and system engineer, among other things. He is currently a co-proprietor of a small business called The Raingam Enterprise, which he runs with his family and a few local volunteers.

In the IT field, nonontech found himself forming the belief that one should “help others so that you’ll be helped by others.” Providing assistance on FixYa fit well into that philosophy. As nonontech says, “I love helping people with whatever I know, either paid or free and I came to know that FixYa is very suitable for me.” His experience has also made him particularly suitable for FixYa. “I understand how non-tech people feel when they are given answers and instructions and the most important part of the solution is to make people understand.” This belief that it’s not just about giving a correct answer, but one that the asker can understand and apply, is likely a factor in nonontech’s amazing asker rating.

Another factor is his attitude and manner. nonontech says that, while he’s perceived as being very serious, he’s actually not serious inside. He tries to employ humor when giving assistance, to help dispel any frustration the customer is feeling and to get them excited about the repair process. That sort of personal touch can make a huge difference for an aggravated user, and makes him a great representative of both the technical as well as the more human side of FixYa.


  1. welcomejee says:

    Congrats nonontech !

  2. blog says:

    well it is quite good to see that an indian is out there to help others..

  3. shoyo says:

    Congrate.! May the Almighty GOD be with you always now and then in your mission or life

  4. nonontech says:

    Thanks @welcomejee, @blog and @shoyo, I am standing here today only because of your support, your cooperation, your help, and most of all, because of FixYa community…

  5. Nicholas Austin says:

    CONGRATS to your sir. Keep up the awesome work!

  6. nonontech says:

    Thanks Nicholas….

  7. Toko Ribbon says:

    Congratulation nonontech ! Your help is very usefull for us…

  8. nonontech says:

    Thank you Toko…..Pray for me…:-)

  9. LeeDavidan says:

    Congrats!! nonontech!!!
    Keep up the good work, Regards, Lee

  10. Roberta Wise says:

    nonotech took so much time helping me with a serious computer issue. I commended him for his willingness to help remedy my problem over and above the call of duty.

  11. nonontech says:

    Thanks @Lee, Thanks @Roberta… It’s all with your co-operation and patience… Once again Thank you all..

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