Getting to the Point of the Problem


IrishDruid has 2197 solutions and a wide range of experiences and occupations behind him. He may be a Gemini, but he’s one of a kind. This guru, who is also a qualified physiotherapist and acupuncturist, just might be the cure for what’s needling you.

Q: Tell us about yourself:
A: I am from Dublin, Ireland. I would best describe myself as a “Jack of All Trades”. My professional career includes working as a cashier in a supermarket, waiting on tables, computer repairs and assembly, freelance web designing, a member of technical support at IBM and later at Logitech, doing professional editing and proofreading services – the list goes on… I also have a certificate in basic hardware and networking. I am a Gemini and am always on the move, looking for new adventure and challenges.

Q: What are your areas of expertise and how did you come to be involved with them?
A: I am most comfortable in the computer hardware and peripherals arena, as that is obviously my strength. I have an interest in electronics as well, although I wouldn’t call myself an Expert in that department. I also have a bit of knowledge about household appliances, born out of necessity more than anything else.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I love collecting stamps and coins, sketching, writing poetry, soccer (I’m a rabid Liverpool fan). I love reading adventure and “cloak & dagger” novels (Robert Ludlum, Simon Scarrow, Frederick Forsyth, et al.), traveling, and experimenting with new cuisines.

Q: What first brought you to FixYa? When?
A: Reckon it must have been through Google, most probably. I was immediately impressed by the nature of the website and the warm welcome and friendly advice on the Experts’ Lounge.

Q: What is the FixYa answer you are most proud of?
A: This has got to be my most satisfactory (and longest) solution thus far. I persevered when most others gave up, and although I am not an Expert on the particular device, I managed the help the customer in the end. The fact that this was not my area of expertise, and that the customer took the time to post a kudos at the end of it, made it extremely gratifying.

Q: What advice do you have for those asking questions?
A: Well, first and foremost, post complete details about the issue – make and model, when and what caused the issue, what troubleshooting steps have been done so far, any experience in the particular type of repair, etc. Basically, feed the Expert with as much relevant information as possible. This will help the Expert tremendously, in assessing and providing a possible solution(s). It also helps resolve the issue much faster, and with less frustration for both parties.

Q: What advice do you have for experts?
A: Keep an open mind, don’t get trigger-happy on Premiums (avoid place-holding tactics), avoid plagiarism, credit the source where solutions have been copied. Above all, maintain a sense of ethics and have respect for your fellow Expert. Don’t be motivated just by financial rewards – try to post at as many freebies as possible….what goes around, comes around. Read the query/problem carefully and understand the issue before answering. Don’t simply post the first result thrown up in Google. Take time to research your answer and be specific. You will find that this will ultimately prove to be more profitable in the long run.

Q: What new features would you like to see FixYa roll out?
A: A chat feature among Experts on FixYa would be nice. A proper explanation of how the ratings are calculated would also be helpful. The customer should also be educated about the ratings. Perhaps a mouse-over on the ratings explaining what they mean, or a page inserted between the customers’ posting of a problem would help avoid the frustration of being awarded a wrong rating. There should also be a three-way dialogue between FixYa, the customer, and the Experts whenever a refund is requested.


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