XBox 360 Feedback – Feeling Gamed?

According to VentureBeat, Microsoft is about to get served with a class action lawsuit because they’ve allegedly made efforts to cover up the XBox 360 gaming console defects. The popular tech site also references past instances of XBox issues. Being the experts that you are, I was wondering about your experiences with this console.

This particular FixYa question appears very similar to the problem described in VentureBeat; however, our experts don’t seem to think the customer service is too bad. Leave a comment below if you’ve got firsthand experience dealing with the red ring problem on the XBox.


  1. Zod says:

    Well I am on my 5 or 6th Xbox 360 now.
    We have 4 in the house in total and they have all gone back for one thing or another.
    We have never suffered from the red ring o death but have had other issues. On the whole I have to say the support is good. You explain your problem, 3 or 4 times if you get thro to India, and they send you a box FREE, you stick in your console and a few weeks later a new one arrives, all at no cost to you the consumer.
    It is a pain not having a console for a while but it usually is not an issue as I borrow one from the kids ;-). And I must admit every time I get a cansole swapped out the new one (Never repaired) always last longer than the last one.
    I had my console from day 1 (3 years ago???) and still get it swapped out under warrenty.
    Cant complain there….

  2. Zod says:

    Spellchecker spellchecker spellchecker… ;-)
    Apologies for the spelling mistakes.

  3. Charles Hicks says:

    I’m feeling the whoos of the Xbox experience, Every since I loaded the New Experience on the Xbox it shuts down or I’ll start playing a game and it will shut the game down without a warning.
    Whaa and whats up with the console standing up, I here and have experienced that as well. The door won’t open or sometimes close, it worked fine for a while then here lately the tray wouldn’t open until I laid it on it’s side. I enjoyed the older xbox until the laser went bad, and I also started having trouble with the tray opening onit.
    The warrenty dose help with getting the unit replaced, but there starting to add more problems.

  4. Alan Smith says:

    I have had three xbox 360s so far, and all three xbox consoles have been fixed, now if i get the three red rings of death on my xbox 360 console, I will fix it myself. Microsoft knew about this from the beginning, but customers like me didnt. Everytime my console has gone wrong, It has taken over 6 weeks to get it back, thanks microsoft, Im just glad now that i know how to repair my xbox 360 in the event of it happening again.