Much more than an Emissionwiz

Corvettes smHis name might be Emissionwiz, but this Expert is all Guru. With 4463 solutions to his credit, and a whopping 88% average, Emissionwiz has long been one of FixYa’s top Experts. His Areas of Expertise aren’t hard to figure out- cars, pure and simple. Emissionwiz is a graduate of an Air Force electro-mechanical tech school, and his main training was in large diesel-powered electric power plants and aircraft runway arresting gear. After all that, he’s come to hate diesel repair. Thankfully, Emissionwiz also has extensive training in automotive electronics and control systems, and is very skilled at auto and truck repair. He worked for 30 years as a tech for a new car dealer, which he still does part-time. When he’s not working, he likes to build fast cars. He must like to drive them too, because he owns a Corvette. Not surprisingly, he also likes motorsports.

Despite this, cars are not the focus of Emissionwiz’s life. That would be his wife, Charlene. Together, they go to the beach and enjoy wine tasting in Napa’s Valley of the Moon. He prefers places that are warm and green, like Hawaii. He actually got to travel all over the world during his eight years in the US Air Force, and he had a blast.

Emissionwiz came to FixYa to see if he could share his knowledge about cars and make a few bucks every now and then. He particularly appreciates getting feedback, especially when his advice saves the customer money. Emissionwiz’s experience gives him a lot of perspective on the site and its Experts. He advises them to try not to get upset with the customers and to also stay calm when one of their correct solutions gets a “Thanks for Trying”. As he put it, “it all evens out in the end.”

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    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff