Selfless Support Rocks!

jsrock516 smFixYa has always been about helping people to reclaim, refurbish, and repair their products rather than purchase new ones. Jsrock516’s story is a quintessential example of that aim. A couple of years ago, he started working in the appliance repair business. He enjoyed working for himself, but he was forced to leave the business because he could no longer deal with having to charge people high labor charges for repairs that he felt they could do themselves if they just had a little guidance. FixYa has provided a forum for this sort of selfless support, and jsrock516 has enjoyed being able to do things like helping a single mother on a fixed income repair her clothes dryer. Jsrock516 is a true altruist, and answers free questions exclusively.

Jsrock516’s contributions to FixYa include 1412 solutions with an amazing 93% average rating. But this Expert was once himself an Asker. In September of 2006, he came to FixYa with an issue with his refrigerator. He found a quick resolution courtesy of Catriver. The experience made him want to become more involved, and he registered as an Expert a month later.

Before coming to FixYa, jsrock516 had a career in the US Navy. He was stationed in Italy and got to travel all over Europe. He really enjoyed this opportunity to experience different cultures and visit places that he had previously only read about. Jsrock516 is also a trained electronic technician. He has experience in communications, RADAR, navigation, cryptology, fiber optics, and information technology. He is an accomplished artist and also enjoys wood working, gardening, and “putzing around the house.” He says that, while he has become a jack of all trades over the years, he is a master of none. We think that the 606 people who have rated his solutions “FixYa” would probably disagree.

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  1. ThaMp3Doctor says:

    That is excellent. I am constantly frustrated at my job, because we are specifically not allowed to help customers with issues involving the connection between our product and another manufacturer’s product, even if we have the know-how. In many cases, the customers are forced to go to a repair center (if available) when the issue could have been resolved over the phone.