Flying High Over FixYa

Eagle338 smFixYa really benefits from the enthusiasm of its Experts. One of our most enthusiastic Experts, Eagle338, has 1140 solutions and has spent over a year on our site. He’s already a FixYa veteran, but he’s actually only 21 years old.

Eagle338 is an information sciences student who describes himself as “overly enthusiastic” about gadgets. He describes his initial forays into technology as “purely experimental.” He has been into programming since he started learning Basic at age 7. He assembled his first PC at 14 and has fixed over 200 computers to date as a professional. Eagle338 is currently pursuing his TV and radio repair training and is able to fix household products with just a repair manual and his trusty multimeter. Eagle338 is also very enthusiastic about cell phones, and owns Motorola’s C130 and E398, Sony Ericsson’s J200i, J230i,W200i, and an iPhone 3G, making him particularly adept in the area of mobile repair.

One of Eagle338’s proudest moments on FixYa was a Chat where he helped an elderly man bring his printer back to life. The man typed very slowly due to an amputated arm, and the conversation took over 4 ½ hours to complete. But Eagle338 stayed the course and helped the man out, for which he was extremely grateful. The same goes for many of Eagle338’s Chat customers as his Chat record is one of the best around.

When he’s not pursuing his passion on FixYa, Eagle338 likes to do anything outdoorsy. He plays cricket, basketball, and football, at least until a close-range shot dislocated his jaw. He also likes playing games that are mentally demanding such as chess and dames, keeping his mind fit so that he can help more people on FixYa!


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