Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

techjuli smAt times, FixYa can seem like a boys’ club. However, there are a number of ladies on our site proving that women can do it every bit as well as the men. One such Expert is Techjuli. Techjuli has only been on our site since November, but she’s already impressed staff and Experts alike with her intelligence, knowledge, and well-written solutions.

Techjuli is a self-proclaimed nerd and proud of it. She lives and attends school in Florida, where she is heavily involved with the Center for Security & Assurance in Information Technology. Prior to that, she was a graphic and web designer for about five years. Techjuli is strangely fascinated with RFIDs (devices that can be tracked using radio waves) and has a box of motherboards, hard-drives, and sticks of RAM side-by-side with Betsey Johnson bags in her closet. When she manages to get out from behind the glow of her monitor, she goes to kickboxing classes, reads a lot, and has recently taken up kayaking.

Techjuli came to FixYa on Black Friday, when she needed a Mac driver for her new wireless all-in-one printer, and she has been hooked ever since. Her Areas of Expertise are computer hardware, software, and peripherals. She has also been taking apart PCs and VCRs since she was old enough to handle a screwdriver, much to the dismay of her parents. Thankfully, a few years after starting to dismantle the home electronics, Techjuli had learned enough to be able to repair them. Her parents should be comforted to know that the years they spent without their appliances helped create this amazing Expert who now shares her experience with the world.


  1. Shuttle83 says:

    Keep up the good work. There needs to be more women in the field of technology. As said before keep up the good work.

  2. Thea Allstott says:

    Nice post . I voted for it up on stumbleupon although I somewhat talked about that on my blog :) Anyhow I just stopped here to say howdy and compliment your efforts.See ya on the World Wide :)