Eye on the Prize: HDTV tips for Super Bowl

American Football Super Bowl is only 3 days away. Whether you’re a Cardinals fan, a Steelers fan or you want to see “The Boss” light up the half time show, DIY troubleshooting and repair site FixYa has some great advice to enhance your Super Bowl party. If you’ve got an HD TV set, here are a few tips from the community:

1. Calibrate The Set: Though this is a controversial topic in FixYa’s community, all experts agree you should calibrate your set. For optimal viewing experts suggest using a calibration DVD, getting your set professionally calibrated, or least expensive, changing the set’s picture mode to vivid or sports.

2. Gear Up: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. A universal remote and surround-sound audio system is a great way to create an immersive and interactive experience.

3. Check the Obvious: Check for sun glare, get a good viewing angle and make sure your television is set to the right local hi-def sports channel, rather than the standard-definition channel.

To get tips to repair or install existing home entertainment systems visit fixya.com.


  1. Online Product Reviews Guy says:

    Thanks for the tips…I followed them to the letter and thoroughly enjoyed the game – even though the Steelers won. :-)

  2. Cornelius Torda says:

    yea nice Work

  3. superbowl says:

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