Microsoft bows before Ring of Death A.K.A 3 Red Lights

There has been a lot of fuss during the last year over the reoccurring problems of the Xbox 360 console.
Despite Microsoft‘s continuous denials, unofficial sources claim that almost 30% of the XBOX360 customers have suffered at one stage of a severe system malfunction signaled by 3 Flashing Red Lights.

Long ago Carl26 posted a detailed explanation of how to solve the 3 red lights problem but it was clear for everyone who read it that an immediate action was required by the people at MS offices to compensate the customers.

It seems that finally the cry and frustration of the public was heard in the giant’s corridors when it announced this week that it will now offer a 3 year extended warranty to all XBOX360 3 red lights victims. you can read more about it here:
No doubt that had MS reacted faster it would have saved itself the humiliation, bad publicity and quite a lot of money (Over $1 Billion).

One can only hope that this lesson will teach other companies as well as MS to react more swiftly to consumer’s complaints. It’s for the benefit of both parties to end similar fiascos as soon as possible.

To end this thread with a smile, here’s a small question by m300 who wishes to extend his Xbox 360 warranty.
I’m sure someone will come to his rescue. I have a strong feeling that the solution will most probably include using a towel – LOL


  1. Regclean says:

    30% Wow that’s quite a lot don’t you think.

    With microsoft product I usually wait to product after they iron out all of the bugs.

  2. red ring of death fix says:

    it’s about MS sorted this problem out they knew apparently.

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