Fix the Earth

There’s an interesting post on alternative consumer an environmental blog by Ross Dulmaine.

Today’s consumer environment is a world where “sustainability” and DIY represent all things positive and discard, dispose, and replace are part of Satan’s vernacular. One huge component of sustainability is merely keeping things running and serviceable. No running to the mega-mall to buy little Trevor a new IPod every time his battery dies or buying a new flat panel TV because your remote doesn’t work. It’s time to get that stuff fixed and operational.

As our life style becomes more hectic and consumer goods prices continuously go down it’s sometimes easy to simply throw away our nonfunctioning devices and shop for new ones.
But there’s a price we all pay for littering the earth which can easily be spared by spending a few minutes in FixYa and find ways to fix our limping gadgets.
Who knows, you might even find that you can help others and save the earth twice in a single day!

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  1. Deb says:

    Oh hell yes…. this is what I needed today. I fucking love your page, it makes me laugh every time I come here.