Takeoff Tuesday: Brand Based List Menu

Fixya Takeoff Tuesday

We are making it easier to answer your favorite types of questions

Its simple. Some people love cars, but really love german cars. Some people want to answer questions about computers and cell phones, but really love Apple products.

1. Picking Favorite Categories and Brands

When you see a list of questions, it’s natural to want to see only questions relevant to you. So a few weeks ago, we embarked on a journey to make that happen. With a new left menu for question answering, you now have more control over what categories and brands you choose.

Similar to picking your favorite categories, you now have a similar option pick favorite brands within those categories.

Fixya Answer Menu

2. Filtering by Category, Brand, and Family

Clicking on a single brand or category (or All Unsolved) brings you to the list of questions pertaining to that selection.

Once you see a list, of questions, you can filter it based on your favorited brands individually or in a group, or of any brand from the “All Brands” list. From there, you can add any brand to your “My Brands” list.

Fixya Answer Menu

This left navigation allows users to filter the questions based on all your brands or just specific brands. You can now filter by family too–say you only want to see Ford trucks–clicking the + by the brand name opens a tree of the family lines.

You can still return to the “Choose Brands” or “Choose Categories” by simply clicking on the blue header called “All Brands” or “All Categories”. Clicking the blue header “My Brands” or “My Categories” allows you to see a list of just your chosen brands or your chosen categories.

Visit http://www.fixya.com/answer to check out the all new navigation!

Thoughts? Frustrations? What do you think?

As always, it is our unwavering desire to make it easy and fun to share and solve problems. So if you have any feedback, let us know in the comments below!

One Comment

  1. Ronaldbrains says:

    3 or 4 years ago the answering to problems to all cars trucks repairs were so easy ,but you have made it harder for quick find and report to people in trouble.
    sorry to tell you that. Ron