Takeoff Tuesday: Video Directory

Greetings Fixya fanatics! In this edition of Takeoff Tuesday we will be taking a look at our brand new Video directory feature that was released last week.

The Video Directory was a request that many of you have made over the last couple of months. As we have begun to add more and more rich content to the site, creating a hub that displays that content in an easy to locate place was a logical choice. Enter the Fixya Video Directory, where videos submitted by users are broken down by category and cleanly laid out for users to experience.

Screenshot: The new Fixya Video Directory

The biggest reason why adding a Video Directory made sense was due to the success of our mobile app. Our app, which is available for iPhone and Android (more information can be found by clicking here), gives users a quick and clean way to get a solution to their product problem. Simply firing up the app, taking a video of the issue, and  submitting the video to Fixya’s experts is a simple process and allows users to “show” what the issue is instead of trying to explain it via text. The app was also nominated for a 2013 Webby Award in the “Best Use of Device Camera” category– in other words, there’s been an influx of video content on the site and we want that to be as easy to find as possible.

Here’s some more information about the Video Directory:

  • The main Video Directory page can be found here: www.fixya.com/videos
  • That main page displays the top 10 most popular categories on Fixya by default.
  • Users can easily browse down the page to see even more videos from other categories.
  • Individual categories have their own unique video hubs as well. For example, here is the hub for video game consoles: http://www.fixya.com/videos/video_game_consoles

Let us know your thoughts on the Video Directory in the comments below!

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