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#FixYaMobile: Press Coverage Roundup

The home page of FixYa’s new HTML5 mobile site.

Last week we unveiled our brand new mobile website, an experience tailored just for you. The official press release with all the details can be found by clicking here.

User experience is the most important part of our business model. We know that you are accessing FixYa via your mobile device more and more every single day.

That’s why this release was so important to us– it not only delivered to you a sleek experience filled with all the site features you’ve come to know and love, it also broke new ground by becoming the first product Q&A site to utilize HTML5 and added some revolutionary features for Android users.

Oh and did we mention it got some sweet press coverage as well?

All of that coverage can be found below. But before you read, make sure to go to www.fixya.com from your mobile device and see what everyone is so excited about.


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Key Notes from Apple’s Keynote Address

Apple’s new Macbook Pro with a retina display. This image won’t do it justice.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference kicked off today with four major announcements from the company regarding their upcoming product lines.

The conference, held in San Francisco, California, was primarily expected to provide more details into the new Macbook Pro. For months there have been rumors that the new laptop would have the retina display. Yes, that retina display, the same one that earned rave reviews upon the release of the New iPad earlier this year.

Apple confirmed today that the new Macbook Pro would have it.

The full run down of information from Apple is as follows:

  • Macbook Pro with retina display, full flash storage, and radically thin and light design [More Info]
  • Macbook Air with faster graphics, faster storage, and latest Intel core processors [More Info]
  • OS X Mountain Lion, the brand new operating system from Apple, will be released in July as a download from the App Store [More Info]
  • iOS 6 which will include an all new Maps app, a smarter Siri, and numerous other features [More Info]

It was a big day for the company and one that understandably got their rabid userbase extremely excited for what is to come.

However, it should be noted that some of Apple’s previous releases have undergone media scrutiny in the past due to their lack of reliability. The new iPad’s “Heat Gate” controversy, which began when Consumer Reports stated that the new iPad could reach uncomfortable temperatures if used for too long, turned heads even if it didn’t turn down sales.

And who can forget “Antennagate” following the release of the iPhone 4, where consumers far and wide reported dropped calls when the phone was held by the receiver. Apple eventually corrected the issue, but not before taking a beating in the press.

Nonetheless, we’re extremely excited for the release of these new gadgets and operating systems.

And you can be absolutely certain that FixYa’s Experts are excited to get their hands on them as well.

FixYa Launches First Ever HTML5 Product Q&A Site As Mobile Traffic Doubles to 4 Million Users Over The Past Six Months

Android users now able to ask and answer questions by uploading videos and pictures directly from their phones, without needing to download an app

San Mateo, CA– FixYa, the leading product Q&A destination, today announces the launch of FixYa Mobile, a complete HTML5 overhaul of its mobile website designed to optimize the most comprehensive product solution site in the world for use on smartphones and tablets.

To see the newly-designed site and all of its added features visit www.FixYa.com from a smartphone.

In recent months FixYa users have been introduced to a host of exciting new features such as the Fix-O-Meter and colorful expert achievements. Beginning today, FixYa’s mobile users will also have access to the full FixYa experience, as well as a host of fresh capabilities only available via mobile. The more than 10 million answer and ask flows comprising FixYa’s product database are now streamlined for mobile access. It also gives FixYa’s 650,000 experts access to all the colorful points, badges, and levels found on their full-sized dashboards.

Over the past six months, FixYa’s mobile traffic has doubled as an increasing number of the site’s 24 million monthly users turn to mobile devices to browse the web. FixYa has seen incredible growth in the number of mobile users accessing the site and is currently ranked as the 29th largest mobile website, according to Quantcast. Today, 17 percent of FixYa’s users access the site via a mobile device.

The FixYa Mobile site brings users the freedom of 24/7 product support available anywhere, and includes these features, among others:

  • Sleek and refined HTML5 design and user experience
  • Free expert solutions for more than 4 million products
  • Search and find solutions by product name, brand, and other keywords
  • Read top solutions posted by experts, ranked by quality and popularity
  • Colorful achievements for expert contributors

Android users are also gaining an exclusive new feature: they will be able to ask and answer questions by uploading videos and pictures directly from their phones without needing to download an app – a groundbreaking interaction solution that makes solving complex product problems a breeze.

“FixYa’s value comes from being able to offer access to quick, expert product help whenever you need it,” said FixYa CEO, Yaniv Bensadon. “With more users turning to their mobile devices for solutions to their everyday product problems, we felt it necessary to optimize the smartphone experience so it is more in line with the speed, accuracy, and convenience our 24 million users have come to expect.”

With FixYa Mobile users can bookmark previously viewed solutions (and other top solutions for products you own) for quick viewing in the future. Car broken down on Highway 66? The FixYa Mobile site can help users figure out exactly what’s wrong. They might not need to spend that $500 on a tow truck to the nearest town.

FixYa Mobile gives users fast, easy, and free solutions for all your product problems. With solutions for over four million products, they can easily find the answers they’re looking for and save money by bypassing costly support fees or the cost of shipping your product back to the manufacturer. Computer problem? Car? Appliance? Electronics? Users can quickly find free solutions to everyday product problems, provided by real FixYa experts. 24 million people use FixYa each month to save time and money.

To learn more about FixYa Mobile offering, visit http://www.FixYa.com from a smartphone.

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Our 5 Favorite DIY (“Do It Yourself”) Coat Racks

Hundreds of new categories have been added to FixYa’s library over the last two weeks. From furniture to pet supplies we’ve been hard at work giving you the tools you need to ask, answer, and connect over products you know and love.

The category we’re covering today is Coat and Hat Racks, a category that was added to FixYa last week.

With so many new products on the site we thought it would be prudent to periodically highlight these new categories and share some related DIY projects that reaffirm our love of waking up to do what we do every day.

As many of you know, here at FixYa we’re huge DIY’ers. We love to take apart gadgets, fix problems for others, and fix problems for ourselves.

Most importantly however, we love to create. There’s a simple pleasure in making something with your own bare hands that you can proudly display in your home or gift to others.

It’s the kind of self-nourishment all of our Experts believe in, and a trait our users rely upon when they come to us with their product questions. When you’re fixing someone else’s problem you need to be creative, especially when that interaction is taking place online.

That creativity is what we are highlighting today.

Here are our five favorite DIY coat and hat racks:

Pipe Hat & Coat Rack

Designed by Nick Fraser, this coat rack is great for a modern home with an industrial feel. The red knob adds a lot of pop to any wall needing some color or life, and the gold piping adds some flair to what is otherwise considered a boring household item.

The best part about it? We’re pretty sure you don’t need to call a plumber to install it.


Tree Branch Hat & Coat Rack

This might be our favorite DIY coat rack for no other reason than it’s about as rustic as you can get. Utilizing branches that have fallen off trees, it’s a sustainable solution for any consumer looking to bring a little bit of the great outdoors into heated and insulated homes.

You might have to hunt around for perfect branches a bit before you have enough to hang your coats, but completing this project in the fresh air sounds like…well, a breath of fresh air.

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