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More Information Requests & Viewing Your Profile

Take Off Tuesday Announcement

In this weeks announcement we’re excited to announce two new features that we’re sure you will find extremely useful. Let’s dive into the details of more information requests and the ability to view your own public profile.

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Fixya Black Friday Smartphone Report

Fixya Smartphone Report November 2013

Our Black Friday Smartphone Report details common issues across the newest mobile devices, with users opting out of the fingerprint functionality of the iPhone 5s, disappointed with the HTC One’s camera quality, worried about their overheating Samsung Galaxy S4, and frustrated with a lack of storage space on the Moto X.

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Brand Expert Awards

One of our latest features was adding a menu to make it easy to find and solve problems related to your favorite brands and categories.

This week we are rewarding you more for all your expert solutions by adding Brand Expert Awards.

1. Progress toward Brand Expertise

As you solve problems in a category or brand, you can track your progress towards expertise in any given brand or category in your dashboard. 100 points answered about a specific brand earn you “Brand Expert” status. 300 points about a category earn you “Category Expert” status. Once you’ve achieved expertise in that brand or category, you receive a badge in your “My Expertise” panel of your dashboard.

Brand Dashboard

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Takeoff Tuesday: Fixya Pro & Updates

In this weeks Takeoff Tuesday, we’re excited to introduce an all new set of features that will help both consumers and business owners connect and engage around their products.

Fixya PRO

First up this week, is Fixya PRO. Fixya PRO has been developed to give local businesses, national retailers, and large brands or manufacturers the ability to easily connect with their customers and engage with new customers on Fixya.

Everyone from small business owners to large manufacturers can now apply to become a Fixya PRO. Once an application is verified and approved, the business is then ready to benefit from the new PRO features we’ve been working on.

Fixya Pro

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Fixya Mobile Browser Report: How Users Feel About Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, and the Android Stock Browser

Fixya Mobile Browser Report

Fixya Mobile Browser Usability Report details persistent issues across the top mobile browsers, with Safari and Chrome users longing for Flash support, Opera and Internet Explorer users struggling to view pages correctly, and Android Stock Browser lovers still experiencing random crashes.

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